About the School

Mission Statement

The mission of Coalmont Elementary School is to provide a safe motivating and positive environment where all students are valued learners.  The Coalmont teams joins parents and our community in equipping our students to achieve their fullest academic and personal potential in life.

"Begin with an end in mind."

History of Coalmont Elementary

A school in Coalmont, Tennessee was unknown before the fall of 1904, when the city of Coalmont (previously known as Coal Dale) was established. The first schooling was recorded in the fall of 1906 without having a specific building in which to meet.  The school was conducted by Professor Will Campbell and served about 50 students. The school term was short and ended around the time of our present Christmas vacation. 

            By March of 1908, the first Coalmont School was built on what is now known as Roddy Springs Road. When the schoolhouse was completed, it was used for entertainment.  The first show was an exhibition by Ike Woodward’s moving picture show. 

In the early 1920’s another school house was built on the site where Coalmont School now stands.  However, on February 17, 1949, Coalmont school was consumed by fire from a faulty metal flue. It was estimated that $75,000 dollars would be required to replace the building. The new school building was completed and dedicated in November of 1949. The dedication program was conducted by Superintendent E. J. Cunningham, Supervisor Low Hill Foster, and School Board Member, Stanley Meeks.

 The school has seen many improvements and additions throughout its decades of existence.  A gymnasium along with two restrooms and five classrooms were added to the East wing of the school in the 1960’s. The 2000’s brought a new lunchroom and two new wings.  February of 2014, the Cafeteria was dedicated to the late Mrs. Rose Rust and Mr. Rick Rust.  Mrs. Rust served on the school board at the time of the new renovations. Mr. Rick Rust had 33 years of service at Coalmont School.  He served as a teacher, an Assistant Principal, and as the Principal at Coalmont School. The South Wing was dedicated to the late Taylor and Frances Nunley. Mr. and Mrs. Nunley both served as janitors and groundskeepers for 26 years at Coalmont School. As grounds keepers their house was located on the school campus at the back of the school building. The East Wing was dedicated to Mr. Ray Winton for his 15 years of service and 3 years as Principal at Coalmont School.

At the present time, Coalmont School has 220 students and 50 staff members. The school serves grades Pre K through eighth grade. The school also houses exceptional education for Preschool, Transition 1, 2, and 3.  Coalmont School has been able to maintain some of its original charm.  The Auditorium is still part of the school as well as hardwood flooring in the main hall and in some classrooms. 

Old Coalmont Bank Building