Principal's Corner

Parents/Guardians at CES,

We are excited to welcome you back to a new school year!  We know many of you have several questions and concerns in regards to this year. We hope you find this information to be helpful and ease some of your worries and concerns. We look forward to this upcoming school year!  We ask that you all be patient, kind, supportive, positive, and understanding as we enter this school year;  we too are learning each day.  We will plan to keep school as  “normal” as possible.  

We will be implementing temperature checks and promoting social distancing. Temperature checks will be conducted as students and staff enter the school building. Social distancing will be promoted at all times during school hours.  We will need to limit the number of visitors in our building due to the social distancing guidelines we must follow.  At this time, masks are optional for all.

The parking lot will be the same, meaning the first two lanes nearest to the highway will turn left and the last two lanes nearest to the school building will turn right. We ask that everyone, please park close to each other so we aren’t blocking highway traffic.  We ask for your patience as there may be a little longer wait time due to the need to stagger student dismissal in order to follow social distancing guidelines. Please no off-road vehicles or parking in the gravels during dismissal. Please follow our school procedures and use the four lanes in the front of the school during car rider dismissal. 

We will have two areas for bus duty this year. Car riders will go to the gym and bus riders will go to the auditorium for morning and afternoon bus duty.

School will begin at 8am and end at 3pm daily. If your child comes in as tardy or needs to check out early, we ask that you, as parents and guardians, call ahead so we can have them ready to leave and be prepared for their arrival to school.  

For safety and to follow health procedures, our teachers will not allow students to share any supplies such as pencils, teaching manipulatives, etc. Instead, each student will have their own to use daily. You may want to send water bottles with your children as water fountains have been turned off at all schools to promote health safety during this time. We will be cleaning and disinfecting more often than usual this year.

PreK and K will have a phase-in week at our school. Teachers from these grade levels will work with you to set up times/days to help fit your schedules.  We ask that you meet the PreK and K teachers at their outside classroom doors in honor of the protocol and procedures we must follow at our schools.

Meet and Greet will be Aug 6, 2020 from 5pm-7pm. We will be outside to help with social distancing and to adhere to the guidelines we must follow as a school system.

Virtual Learners, here is your Tech Support number to call: 931-463-1641 and email

Please see below when needing to schedule an appointment.

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):
At CES, our main goal is to provide a safe environment to educate our students.  Since instruction is one of our main goals, we ask that you please schedule an appointment if you need to meet with a teacher or the Principal.   We want to hear from you when you have a concern or issue. We ask that you first meet with the teacher for a resolution. Please feel free to call Ms. Carrie at 931-592-9453 from 8am to 3:00 pm to schedule an appointment. 

Melissa Tipton
CES Principal